DNA - Community Focus Program
DNA 1st Solution social impact is implementing a community focus program within the workplace.

Is a business initiative to help dent the high youth unemployment rate within our city.

Our main objective is employing youth, youth that have left school too early, with little or no qualifications or are unskilled.

Our young people have a story to tell. Who are we to judge?

At DNA we have created a workplace to embrace our young people, a place where they feel safe, feel a belonging, able to grow with similar ages into the working world.

The Kingfisher provides the school leaver opportunities:

  • Of paid employment.
  • To gain work experience and skills.
  • Offer a platform for 15 – to 17-year-olds in a real work setting.
  • Empowering young females within a workplace.
  • Offer positive outlets within work and outside of work.

Iota of a Difference Program:

Is a business initiative to support students with additional needs into the workplace, offering an equal working platform.

Objective of the IOD is creating opportunities that will give them independence as a group to create their own purpose in work.

At 21 years old, public funding will stop for them to continue school.

There is only a handful of companies that employ society’s vulnerable people in Auckland.

A lot of them do not find work and sadly disappear from the public eye.

The schools proactively place students into the workplace from 18 years old to give them time to adjust to the working life.


Our clients understand and encourages DNA by giving business to support our young people to work.

The Social impact is attempting to dent the youth unemployment landscape in Auckland by employing them.

We have had over a thousand youths come through DNA.

DNA has been doing this since 2012.


This is our social impact.


Office hours:
Mon to Fri 6am to 5pm

Warehouse hours:
Mon to Fri 6am to 5pm

Weekend hours:

8am to 2pm



09 636 0356 (Local)

64 9 636 0356 (Overseas)

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