Supporting youth in our community to work

DNA community focus has always been to employ youth, that was the goal. This is the heart of the company. And our mission is to ensure the business is centred around the youth. We created other business models to encompass our rangatahi in mind to ensure the dream was sustainable and there is a place in Auckland that offer unskilled youth a working platform.

Our business goals and every decision we make is aligned with our vision

We have provided employment opportunities for unqualified youth in Auckland since 2012. Our focus was to provide a safe workplace to embrace our young people, help them understand the life of working, grow with other young people of similar ages in a work setting,
receive an income and time to think about their next steps in life.
Example: go back to school, go to university, find a job that suits them

At DNA 1st Solution, we are not a training institution

We want the young person to use DNA as a steppingstone to get them to where they need to go and avoid the poverty traps of limbo.
Our community focus also opened doors to other youth groups to come on aboard, young sole parents who have not worked before, youth with diverse needs, youth in care protection

Our young people have a story to tell. Who are we to judge?

Please see our other initiatives below

The Kingfisher

The South Pacific Sacred Kingfisher or Kotare is known to be a holy bird, that has venerable power over the ocean and waves. It is admired of being a watchful sentry, a symbol of peace, prosperity, and love.

The Kingfisher initiative is to improve lives at work.

We have included ‘inhouse’ schemes that will support our staff in areas of growth, health, finances, and culture.

These areas highlight the underlying issues that hinder people to progress, such as intergenerational disadvantages.
This is the Kingfisher’s main purpose, to engage our staff on a social and cultural level allowing our vision to prepare, inspire, challenge, and enable our staff to participate today, tomorrow and in the future.

Iota of a Difference:

Is an initiative to support youth who have additional needs into the workplace. It is our small contribution to make a difference as an employer.

Our objective is to create opportunities that will give the students independence as a group and to create their own purpose in work.

At 21 years old, public funding will stop for these students to continue school. Many of them do not find work and sadly disappear from the public eye.

While the schools proactively place students into the workplace from 18 years old to give them time to adjust to the working life, there are only a handful of companies that employ society’s vulnerable people in Auckland.

It is our privilege to work alongside the students and offer an equal working platform in our mainstream workplace.

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