DNA - Community Focus Program
Stepping Stones: We encourage our youth in work to earn money at DNA while they are thinking of their next step going forward.

Ene Faleapa (19) with Anita.

Ene worked for us a few years ago, he got caught up with the wrong crowd so went missing for a bit. But asked Anita if he could return to DNA to work. Anita told Ene to change his friends and he can comeback. Ene works hard and is of good value.


Lili Malua (20) with Anita.

Lili came to DNA last year to work during the holidays. Lili will be leaving DNA to study nursing at Auckland university. During the holidays Lili knows she can return to DNA for work.


Emma Nu’uausala (25) with Kodee (Warehouse coordinator).

Has worked for DNA for 5 years, she is a 2IC in the warehousing department. She is a personal trainer for the Police recruits at night / weekends. Emma is an active MMA fighter with a 10-0 record. She has been invited by the UFC to train at their gym in the city. Emma dreams to be a professional fighter. At DNA we are incredibly proud of her and support her as she attends to her ‘stepping stone’ commitments.

About: Anita Vaafusuaga

• Owner of DNA 1st Solution
• Went into business for the first time at 55 years of age.
• Mother of 5, a grandmother, and a great grandmother
• Finalist – Women of Influence 2020
• Winner – Kiwibank Local Hero Award 2021


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Mon to Fri 6am to 5pm

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Mon to Fri 6am to 5pm

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8am to 2pm



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